CPH Garden 19

Over the fence / over hegnet 

the design of the garden is inspired from the childhood memory of peeking over the fence into the neighbouring garden and exploring whatever lies beyond the barrier. the 'fence' will be built using stained glass panels in irregular shapes much like old wooden boards. 

planting is designed to mimic a bountiful woodland scene with tones of white and different textures of green creating a lush appearance. 

as the sun shines though the glass pieces, the colours will reflect onto the light tones of planting and make the planting look as if it is multi-coloured. 

a concrete pathway of stepping stones will lead up to the platform of concrete that can be used to sit on from both sides or can act as a step to climb over the glass fence panels.

the concrete will be cast into wooden frames to leave a wood grain surface giving the appearance of old planks that have fallen to the ground over time. 

the platform recreates the memory of speaking through the fence to your felow neighbour. a great sense of intimacy combined with seperation.